Handy Gym Full Pack

This Handy Gym pack includes all 22 accessories we developed. It´s perfect for elite athletes, physiotherapists, sports centers, personal trainers. You can work out at any place and at any time and use it with your clients or patients. It comes with all accessories so you can really do hundreds of exercises. Moreover, it has got a mobile app thanks you can track your fitness results!


* Estimated shipping April- June 2020

Handy Gym Full Pack


This Pack includes 22 pieces:

> One Handy Gym Base with D-Grip Handle and Rope Adjuster.
> Two Yellow Discs.
> Two Blue Discs.
> Two Red Discs.
> Two Mounting Plates.
> One Mounting Plate for Rack.
> One Handle with Foot Cradle.
> One Door Anchor.
> One Ankle Strap.
> One Loop Strap.
> One Platform.
> One Belt.
> One Double Power Pulley.
> One Small Bag.
> One Backpack.
> Encoder + Bluetooth + Mobile App.