Evolution” is the upgraded version of the Handy Gym machine. The same device with new features to improve mechanism and durability. The result is a stronger and less noisy device to give you a better experience:

  • Less noise.
  • New disc lock system.
  • Stronger dyneema rope.
  • Reinforced rail system.
  • Fittest mechanism and new metal ring.


Free yourself and reinvent the way you train. Handy Gym is the SMALLEST, MOST POWERFUL, and VERSATILE gym in the world. A portable flywheel training system to work with free movements at different intensities. The resistance is dynamic and adapts to any action, allowing for improved muscle performance and physical condition.

Recommended for athletes, physical therapists, and personal trainers. Enjoy exercise outdoors, home workouts or even when you’re traveling, maintain good muscle tone using Handy Gym’s inertial resistance.

*The device in this pack does include electronic connection.




or 6 interest-free payments of 216,50 with




  • Base machine WITH ELECTRONICS + Handgrip.
  • Yellow discs + Blue discs + Red discs.
  • Double pulley.
  • Door anchor.
  • Loop strap.
  • x2 Multipurpose handle.
  • Ankle strap.
  • x2 Wall mounting plate.
  • Rack mounting plate.
  • Belt.
  • Platform.
  • Sack.
  • Backpack.

*The device in this pack does include electronic connection.

The Evolution PRO pack is the professional and most complete option to train without limits. Adjust more precisely the intensity of each routine having all the resistance ranges available: light, intermediate and hard discs, in addition to the Double Pulley. It also includes the Platform and the belt to perform incredible lower body exercises and increase the number of possibili-ties with the machine fixed on the board.

It has an electronic connection to measure in real-time the results of your activity and obtain statistics of your training through its app. It includes all the anchoring options to perform any muscle group, either with the machine in your hand or fixed in a structure.


  • EASY TO TRANSPORT Light and small, very easy to transport anywhere.
  • WEIGHT Dynamic resistance that adjusts to your strength level. From 0 to 50kg/110lb with red discs and up to 100kg/220lb with a double pulley accessory.
  • VERSATILITY Perform all kinds of exercises, upper body / lower body / core.
  • POWER Inertial resistance in the concentric and eccentric phase.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP Grips and accessories for comfortable grip and fastening.
  • ADJUSTABLE Rope regulator to adapt the distance and range of motion in each exercise to your needs.
  • MANAGEABILITY Anchor accessories to work in multiple circumstances, both indoors and outdoors.
  • COMPATIBILITY Can be combined with accessories from the other Handy Gym packs.




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