You must contact our administration department and make your request.

Send an email to with your purchase data and billing details.


If within 72 hours of placing your order you have not received shipping information, please contact our logistics department directly by sending an email to with your purchase information.

The shipping process does not begin until the order leaves the warehouse. Depending on manufacturing and stocking times, this process may take a few days to initiate.

If you have received the tracking number, check the status of your order.

If you have problems with your shipment and you think it has been lost, please contact us through this Claim Form. We will coordinate with the shipping company to investigate the status of your shipment and find a solution.

Handy Gym packs are shipped free of charge anywhere in the world. We are not responsible for any additional costs caused by the customs duties of each region, which will be borne by the user.

The shipments from our online store are made from our warehouse in Spain, where Handy Gym is designed and manufactured. The delivery time depends on the destination country and the customs procedure for each region. If you have any doubts about shipping and would like to make an inquiry, please contact our logistics department by sending an email to

Note: Our official distributors have their own stock in their respective countries and their orders are shipped from their own warehouses.

There is a possibility that for some reason your order may be held up during customs clearance in your country. If you are asked for any extra documentation about the Handy Gym, please contact our logistics department by sending an email to

If you have received your order and you are missing a part, please fill out this Claim Form with your purchase details and the details of your problem. We will review the details of your order and provide you with a solution.

If you have received any damaged or defective parts in your order, you should contact us through this Claim Form with the details of your purchase and attached images where the defect can be seen. We will review your case to give you a solution.

We ship to many countries around the world from If we have agreements with an official Distributor, they will be in responsible for the sale of Handy Gym. You can check our partners here:

List of countries we ship to.

There is a very short period in which changes can be made to your order before it is shipped out. Please contact our logistics department at for more information.


It is mandatory to carefully read the User Manual and follow the instructions for use and safety before starting any activity with Handy Gym. Incorrect use may result in loss of product warranty.

Handy Gym has been designed and manufactured as a high-quality device. If a manufacturing defect occurs, the warranty covers the replacement of the product within the following periods from the date of purchase:

Handy Gym Base and components: 2 years

Handy Gym Accessories: 6 months

See the Handy Gym Warranty details.

The product warranty does not cover:

Damage caused by misuse of the device as indicated in our User Manual, damage caused in shipping, impact, negligence, vandalism, tampering, unauthorized handling, impact, negligence, vandalism, unauthorized tampering, spillage of liquids or exposure to the elements. Repairs modifications to the machine or its accessories that are not made by authorized personnel are also not permitted.


* If you have purchased Handy Gym through a distributor, you must return your Handy Gym directly to your dealer.

We want you to love Handy Gym as much as we do, but if for any reason you are not satisfied and wish to return the product, you have a 30 day money-back guarantee in accordance with our Return Policy.

Fill out the following Return Form to start your request. Once approved you must follow the instructions to send the product with its original packaging to the address indicated. Our technical service will check the condition of all parts. We will then proceed to issue the corresponding refund.

We aim to respond to any return request within 7 business days of your inquiry. The estimated time for Handy Gym’s review and subsequent refund will depend on shipping and logistic arrangements until the product is received at our facilities.

As soon as we receive the product at our facilities and it passes the relevant review, the refund will be issued by the same payment method you used. It may take up to a maximum of 14 days to be completed.

If you have not been reimbursed after this period, please contact to review your case.

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