Remember that you have a complete guide at your disposal with video tutorials for your first steps with Handy Gym: Getting Started Guide.

It is essential that you understand the basic operation of this new inertial system in order to be able to work with it, the type of accessories and what each one is for, the different ways of attaching them, the cord adjustments according to the routine and how to reset the machine.

Don’t worry; although in practice it is very simple, it is an unconventional device, and it is necessary to properly understand how it works. The first steps are key, and a small learning phase is necessary. You should start with a very simple routine and test the basics.

Important: The Handy Gym system needs a small initial warm-up run-in to smooth it out. Perform several 5-to-10-minute sessions at a moderate intensity so that the gears are properly greased and working at 100%.

Handy Gym ropes have been designed to withstand heavy loads during exercise routines. Due to continuous work, they are subject to friction and may eventually break.

The rope is a consumable material, and we recommend greasing it once a month with lithium grease (special grease for plastics) to increase its durability and reduce friction with the nozzle. If the Handy Gym is used daily, we recommend greasing it once a week.

Important! Remember that the maximum resistance allowed for the use of Handy Gym is 100kg. Exceeding these loads may cause premature breakage of the cord and damage the system itself. Read the User’s Manual carefully to ensure correct use of the device.

1. If the cord on your Handy Gym has broken or you think it is at risk of breaking due to wear and tear, you should replace it as soon as All Handy Gym packs include a spare cord. Use of any cord other than the one authorized by Handy Gym is strictly prohibited.

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to perform this operation: Rope Change Tutorial

2. If you have previously replaced the cord and your second cord has broken or is at risk of breaking due to wear and tear, you should contact Technical Support directly to have them evaluate the situation with your.

Handy Gym incorporates an Encoder (except for the Handy Gym Original) to connect to the Handy Gym App and get real-time training data. The Handy Gym App is available for Android and iOS devices. Download it on Play Store or App Store.

To connect your Handy Gym to the App you must upload it to the network and then connect to it directly from the App. No prior link is required. Please go through the following steps one by one or follow the instructions in this tutorial: Connecting to App

1. Charge the Handy Gym unit using a Type C USB cable (not included in the package).

Problems? Handy Gym will only charge if the blue light comes on. If this does not happen, the problem is usually in the charger, not in the cable. Handy Gym needs at least 5v for charging. Try connecting the USB cable to other power sources.

Nothing? Make sure the cable is properly plugged into the Handy Gym by pushing it all the way in; it may not be connected properly.

2. Activate the Bluetooth option on your mobile.

Important! Just activate it, but do not link it manually from the Bluetooth options. If you have done so, you must delete it and restart your phone. Handy Gym only links from the app itself. The machine also has a reset button. Go to page 40 of the User Manual to read about its electronics and continue.

3. It enables location options within the The program uses this system to locate your Handy Gym. You must give it access rights.

4. Log in to the.

5. Select an exercise and start.

Your Handy Gym linking option should appear on the screen. Select it and then you can configure the routine screen. As soon as you click the “Start” button, it is ready to record your activity.

Technical Support

If you cannot find a way to connect your Handy Gym unit to the App, you should contact Technical Support directly. Fill in the following support form describing in which step of the process you encounter problems. Our technical department will give you the necessary assistance.

If you have received the tracking number, check the status of your order.

If you have problems with your shipment and you think it has been lost, please contact us through this Claim Form. We will coordinate with the shipping company to investigate the status of your shipment and find a solution.


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