Telling our story is a proof that the answer to many of our daily doubts and problems rest within ourselves. It´s when life throws a curve ball at us or when we have an obstacle to pass that we show what we can really achieve and what we are really made of. Handy Gym is created in response to 11 years of Parkinson where each day our CEO Manuel Montes was struggling with a battle that challenged his energy, effort and motivation.

Then one day everything changed when he decided to do something for himself and take matters into his own hands. In 2015, this amazing adventure began to take its first steps where the main goal was to create a portable gym that allowed him to workout whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted and however he wanted. An innovative alternative to traditional training that helps any kind of person or user to train in a safe, new and comfortable way. Partnering with Michael Pérez, founder and creator of Micaton, let them to found the wonders of inertial training to develop the Handy Gym system. Inertial technology is a system used by NASA to keep the astronauts fit in an environment where gravity does not exist.

What was just a dream quickly became a reality after more than 6000 hours of work in association with experts from the University of Vigo and nowadays it’s been approved by many associations, many recovery centers, and by many elite athletes around the world.


handy gym manuel - About Us

Manuel Montes


handy gym michael - About Us

MIchael W. Perez

Inventor - R&D Manager

handy gym leonor - About Us

Leonor Miranda

Chief Administrative Officer

handy gym carina - About Us

Carina Costal

International Manager

handy gym tucho - About Us

Tucho del Rio

Operations Manager

handy gym noel - About Us

Noel Loureiro

Product Designer

handy gym alberto 300x300 1 - About Us

Alberto Groba

Communication Manager

handy gym alejandra - About Us

Alejandra Lopez

Graphic Designer

Handy Gym was born in a small city of Galicia, Spain, but it´s ready to change the whole world of fitness thanks to that day where someone decided to take the reins of his life creating a quality product using only his experience, his knowledge but most importantly his will to change his life for the better. A handful of aspiring inventors fighting against the difficulties produced by a disease that couldn’t take them down.

Join the Handy Gym team and revolutionize the world of fitness.

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